How to Write a Book Review Essay like an Expert

Crafting the Best Book Review

You can either be a seasoned professional or novice who still finds it hard to write an expertly crafted book review essay. After all, a book review is more than just a summary and opinion of a book. It helps you to share your understanding and opinion on the text by summarizing aspects you found interesting in the text.

It helps you highlight aspects that you found right and criticize anything that you consider biased. Therefore, writing a great book review requires that you research on the text thoroughly.

Writing a book review essay is not easy but it takes practice. Reading and understanding each book in your course of study will sharpen your essay writing skills. You also develop critical thinking abilities that you can utilize in writing your book review.

Writing a book review involves three main components. They are:

  • Choosing the right topic
  • Writing your review
  • Writing the review

The first step of a book review is choosing the perfect topic. The topic you choose determines the flow of information you can share in your review and why it is significant. Learn more about selecting a good topic here.

After choosing the topic, start to outline it, taking note of the objectives and goals of each section. Each chapter should have a single objective and short thesis statement. The thesis should be clear to enable the reader to understand clearly.

Ensure you do not make the thesis too broad since it limits your content. The objectives should be clear and narrow for ease of understanding. Each objective should focus on a single aspect or highlights a topic decision point in your review. You can also write the first part and the rest of the review together.

Before you write the review, take a deep breath to unwind and then write. Get to the point. The first impression you make should be positive and persuasive, not argumentative. Next, define the problem or topic, using simple language.

A great book review also must have a clear thesis and supporting information. Therefore, use the keywords from the book to make the thesis clear and high-quality. Many students mistake the introduction of a book for the review.

You must include in-text citations to point to the person or author who provided the content of the book you are reviewing. Do not forget the reference list, which you use to locate more information on the book or person. When writing the review, ensure you use simple language and avoid many direct quotes to avoid plagiarism. A well-written book review also showcases the relevance of the text.


The last step of a book review is concluding your essay. Many students get caught up with the last paragraph and end up forgetting about the rest. You have to keep your readers engaged throughout the book review to increase their interest. Do not forget to remind them about the main point of the book and why they need to read the other parts.

In case you are a beginner and still find it hard, take some time and come up with a sample to guide you on how to write a good book review.

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