How to Start Writing a Book Review

What Is a Book Review

A book review can be defined as an evaluation of a book submitted for purchase. It mainly involves summarizing the positive and negative aspects about a particular text. Furthermore, it includes a recommendation.

If you have never written a book review before, you should start as soon as possible. Often, the process is enjoyable to tackle. However, now that you have completed your book review assignment, let us see how you should proceed.

Steps in Writing a Book Review

As you learn how to write a book review, you will start by understanding the steps involved. Note that some of these steps are not applicable for other types of reviews. In this article, we shall look at these aspects;

  1. Discover the intended purpose of the review
  2. Have a draft of the review
  3. Write your review
  4. Discuss your thoughts with family and friends
  5. Finalize your review by editing and proofreading

Finding the Purpose of the Review

Your review’s purpose dictates the tone and tone of the report. For instance, you could decide to talk about the book’s plot in positive terms, or negative. Even the tone of the review is vital. If your review is meant for students, you need to make sure the tone is polite and formal.

It is always advisable to take part in the discussion. However, you do not have to hate the characters in the book. When reading the book, you may ask yourself if the characters are developed. If you use harsh language, it makes it unnecessary to dwell on it in your review. On the other hand, if you like a particular character, then you need to show it clearly.

Having a Draft of the Review

It is always advisable to go through your book beforehand to ensure all is well. If you did not finish reading the book when you left home, then you may have missed parts that need reviewing. A draft helps in learning how to review by replacing the guesswork with facts and figures. You can decide which points you want to summarize while remaining loyal to the plot.

Drafting Your Review

You will probably have several ideas that you will include in your review. In this case, the trick is to define each idea in a paragraph.

Be careful about overloading your review with irrelevant thoughts. Do not add anything that you do not want to review. Research your book thoroughly to know all the plot details. If you can get a clear understanding of the story, then it makes it easier to summarize and discuss the insights.

Discussing your Thoughts

It is not advisable to go into a detailed analysis of each particular point you discussed in your review. The point is merely to have a background to evaluate. You can separate your points and refute conflicting viewpoints within the review.

Excluding Unnecessary Content

If you are not sure about the importance of a particular argument to review, it is best to remove any unnecessary discussion. You can go through the book several times to ensure you do not leave any unnecessary details in your review.

If you feel stuck, it is best to ask a pro review service for assistance.

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