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An essay is a special kind of creative task. Despite its seemingly small amount, it requires much more time and effort than, for example, the average size of the abstract. Very often these two concepts are confused. Inexperienced students, getting an essay preparation as an independent task, mistakenly believe that it is much easier to write a small volume and, as a rule, postpone this work for the last days before defending or donating material to the teacher.

How to write an essay?

Not every student is able to complete an essay. After all, this process is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. Let’s see what kind of task it is and how it differs from the abstract. Firstly, this is the volume already mentioned by us. The abstract is twice (at least) larger in volume. At the time, as the essay, involves a much smaller volume – most often it is 2-3 pages of printed text. Of course, the teacher himself has the opportunity to regulate this item and request a little more material from the student, but if this item is not mentioned in the recommendations, such small volumes of material are taken as the basis.

Further, of course, it should be said about the specifics of the issue under consideration. The abstract as a type of task can cover a rather extensive range of problems. Essay involves the study of a specific narrow issue or problem. By definition, if we are talking about several issues, we will not be able to perform work in this genre; here we are talking about an abstract. The abstract does not require the author to express his own thoughts, impressions and individual impressions about the subject of conversation. An essay, on the contrary, presupposes the existence of all the above criteria. The material that is taken as a basis for the abstract and essay is completely different. The abstract is written on the basis of several sources, which are the base, the core of all the work. In the case of an essay, the study of literature on a given topic can only push the author to a particular thought. Here extracts from the used literature can only be used as quotations as confirmation of your own thoughts or illustrations of the opposite of your opinion.

The main thing that distinguishes these types of paper – is the ultimate goal. The purpose of the essay is to give the audience of the listeners or the reader a comprehensive and complete picture of the problem, and the purpose of the essay is to express their personal opinion and attitude to the problem. If, when evaluating an essay, a teacher first of all assesses the completeness of the material and the ability to process the finished material, then the essay mainly evaluates the student’s thinking process, his world view and ability to convey his point of view to the audience.

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